Classic Bamboo

Packed up and ready to go with the must-haves:  Vans, soccer ball, and The Classic Bamboo pintail longboard.

That junk in your trunk never looked better.

(Photo by: @olivia_nicole via Instagram)



Standard red


We strive to be the design leader in the skateboarding industry, and The Standard pintail longboard is the perfect example of our simple but sleek design aesthetic.

We’re setting the design standard for longboards and cruisers – even this fly can’t get enough!



Screenshot 2014-08-29 13.59.17

It’s always a thrill when a skateboard we created pops up out of nowhere to surprise us. We stumbled across this video from National Geographic, and right in the first few seconds – here’s our Pier Camo Cruiser.Pier_CamoTail_Top

Montana by Dirt” is a series three friends who call themselves The Adventurists are creating on National Geographic’s adventure blog about traveling through Montana via dirt roads to discover and document the beautiful state.

Click here to watch the video where The Adventurists skate with some professional longboarders and then rock climb the Magic Wall in Bozeman, Montana.




Free Shipping Square


Your long weekend just got a little bit radder.

We’ll ship all orders within the US over $100 we receive this weekend for free. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect to pick up that pintail longboard, drop through or cruiser, that time is now. 

Treat yourself. You know you want to.

To sweeten the deal, check out the ON SALE Slap Stick Zebra Cruiser, the Hanzo Cruiser, and the Classic Orange 44″ pintail.  And if you’re just shy of $100, peruse our $12.40 T-Shirts and $5 hats