Nylon Pop-Up Shop

Nylon Mag set up a Pop-Up Shop in New York and they featured a couple GoldCoast boards; The Pier and The Valve. More photos HERE.



Super Fancy. Thats all I have to say.



Beacons surf spot of San Diego inspired the design and function of GoldCoast’s new cruiser board, The Beacon. The graphic was inspired and created in search of the perfect spot. Whether it’s your perfect skate or surf spot, The Beacon will guide you there with its functional design and soft cruiser wheels

“The board was created with both the traveler and skater in mind – it’s small enough to travel with and I love the way it rides,” says Dustin Ortiz, art director for GoldCoast.

The 26” long by 7.875” wide board with a 13.25 wheelbase is constructed of 5-ply bamboo/maple hybrid, genuine GoldCoast A7 ball bearings, 129mm Century trucks and finished off with 60mm, 78a Cherry Bomb wheels. The Beacon’s wider and longer tail has the ability to cruise with plenty of pop to ollie in the streets, skateparks or wherever else your travels take you.

Check it out on skategoldcoast.com


Richie Jackson showing off the art of keeping style an individual art form. Classic moves with classic steez.

Meanwhile in Hawaii things are getting loose with Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson. They had a sweet little art show in Encinitas at UNIV showing off some of their creations and here they are demonstrating how they ride them.

Remember everybody. Don’t be so serious. Keep it sideways and fun. Show off your own style.