Half Dome
There are tons of incredible National Parks throughout the US, and I would highly recommend going to as many as possible. I’ve been trying to go to Yosemite once a year for a good portion of my life and every time I make the journey I’m never disappointed. This years trip was a little shorter than normal but even at 3 days it was enough to rejuvenate and to get inspired by natures beauty around us. I brought along with me The Process and a couple of sample cruiser shapes and rolling around Yosemite valley is one of the best things ever.

GoldCoast The Process



Skate Yosemite

Poler Socks

Poler Tent

Shasta Camper

Yosemite Valley

Introducing The Process: The Creative Journey Starts Here

Inspired by the creative journey – an idea conceived then put through production and editing until manifested in a tangible form – The Process drop through longboard’s graphic features multiple geometric shapes filtering down to a simplistic end.
Whatever maneuver you can imagine, The Process is the perfect board for you to push the limits of carving, sliding, and cruising. It’s also great for beginners because we understand that learning to skate, or improving, can be a process.

The Process




National Go Skateboarding Day is tomorrow, June 21. It’s only once in every 6 or 7 years that it falls on a Saturday, so make the most of it! Blow off your responsibilities, step away from your video games and Instagram feed and go skateboarding!

Here’s some info about SLC events:

We’re sponsoring the SK801 hill bomb starting up by the University of Utah.


Redbull teamed up with Torey Pudwill and artist CJ Rench to create a beautiful sculpture park designed for skaters to interact with the public. Tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. Pudwill and the Red Bull Skate Team will be at All Together Skatepark partying. Tomorrow they’ll unveil the Skate Space with a party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Visit Redbull’s site for other events worldwide.


Slug Magazine is hosting its 15th annual Summer of Death skate series is taking its first contest of the summer to Crossroads Skate Park in Ogden. Registration starts at 1 p.m. and competition starts at 2 p.m. Join the Facebook event here.


Cowtown Skateboards in Tempe (a GoldCoast retailer), AZ will be giving away a bunch of product tomorrow night at their 6 p.m. party at Verde Park in Phoenix.

Daddie’s Skateboards (another GoldCoast retailer) is hosting a party tomorrow night in Portland, OR in Colonel Summers Park at 5 p.m.


Visit Transworld Skateboarding for info on events in Venice Beach, San Diego, Denver, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, and New York.



Brazil will kick off the 2014 World Cup tomorrow in Sao Paolo with a match against Croatia! Here’s a detail shot of the GOAL! Series Brazil 40” pintail longboard to honor the hosting nation. We’ll be cruising around on this 7-ply maple beauty to celebrate the beginning of the tournament and the other GOAL! boards throughout the month that represent the countries in which GoldCoast can be found around the world. Feel free to start chanting for your team now (real or fantasy). If you don’t understand anything about the sport but will tune in with the 715 million people around the world so you’re not left out, here’s a detailed article with pictures, videos, and explanations galore for everything you need to know about soccer/football.


This is video is beyond epic. So simple and so perfect. Doesn’t matter what type or size board your on just keep on pushin’.


Knox_GoldCoast-0072-WEB_1200 Knox_GoldCoast_third

Skateboarding with your kids is something relatively new to parents, but as the generations of skateboarders get older it’s becoming more common to see family packs of shredders at the skatepark or skating a flat bar in the cul de sac. This Father’s Day, let’s make “going skating” the new “playing catch” with Dad. Find everything you need to get the Rad Dad in your life set up HERE.

Photos by our Compadre Stone Crandall


We have a lot of good friends in Portland, Oregon, and pretty much all of them are crazy talented. One of them just blew our minds away with this video and his new Jewelry Collection 0002. It’s bonkers. I know this has nothing to do with skateboarding but its too epic not to post up. Check out all the products at TheSum.Us