Standard red


We strive to be the design leader in the skateboarding industry, and The Standard pintail longboard is the perfect example of our simple but sleek design aesthetic.

We’re setting the design standard for longboards and cruisers – even this fly can’t get enough!







We’ve teased a photo here and there (if you’ve been paying attention) but a week from today we are officially launching our collab with our Compadres at Zuriick.  “Carnales” means, “Blood Brothers” and the accompanying film and photographs document our trip with these guys in to the badlands of the American Southwest.

Friend and artist Dan Christofferson created the Carnales graphic and found inspiration from the old Chinese proverb, “When hunting tigers, one needs help from a blood brother.”

“Basically, a reminder that when shit gets crazy, it’s nice to surround yourself with friends and family who care about the same stuff you do,” Dan said. His graphic will be on a 32.375″  featuring our 57mm Burnouts wheels colored the same signature purple as the soles of Zurrick’s casual shoes. The Carneles Walnut Cruiser skateboard will be available in September.

If you’re in Salt Lake City, you’re invited to come by the Zuriick flagship store and see the collection, have some drinks, and kick it with us.



This is our 16-year-old compadre Rosbitt Gonzalez II.

Rosbitt 2

He lives in our Product Developer Brock Harris’ neighborhood. They met a couple of years ago when he wandered into Brock’s skateboard filled garage.

(Probably trying to mooch some off of him)

Roz spends his free time skating downhill freestyle with his crew. Since they’re obsessed with all things skateboarding and longboarding, we always give them our new products to test. Aka, Rosbitt and Development.

We’re in the works of creating some video features of Rosbitt & Crew testing our 2015 freeride longboards for those interested in pushing limits, and giving general skateboard and longboard buying advice for those new to the sport.

Check out their YouTube channel in the mean time for some amateur videos shot and edited by Rosbitt (these kids can really shred).


Your skateboard should be a reflection of you, and you’re unique. You don’t want the board everyone else has — you want the board everyone WISHES they had! We put what we love about skating into our hodge podge Pier Camo Tail maple cruiser for the skater who wants a little bit of everything good.

A kicktail to get help you pivot and ollie as you roll around tight corners and over cracked sidewalks?

A short wheelbase for ultra maneuverability but enough pop to make getting off the ground as fun as getting around?
You bet.

Four different 57mm 90a Burnouts wheels for that extra dash of color and softness to take you from the park to work?
Why not?

Contrasting die cut grip tape so you can blend in and stand out all at once?
Yes please!

Bits of exposed wood so you can show in spite of all that flair, you’re really just a natural?
Oh yeah.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just need a bit of everything.



Congratulations to Germany for their fourth World Cup championship! Congratulations to all of Germany’s fans worldwide. Ride this GOAL! Series Germany 40” pintail maple longboard on your way to celebrate like a German (read as: get belligerent drunk).

Check out our other 14 GOAL! Series boards that represent the countries in which GoldCoast can be found around the world HERE.

GIVEAWAY CONTEST: Discover the Details (July 1-31)

During July we’re hosting a Facebook contest and will give away one Process drop through longboard complete.
One of the pillars of our brand is “Aware” because by staying aware of our surroundings, we can find inspiration in details everywhere.


To enter the contest:

  1. Go to our Facebook album titled “GIVEAWAY CONTEST: Discover the details (July 1-31)
  2. Pick a detail shot (#2-5 in the album) and “Like” that photo
  3. Comment on the photo telling us why that detail is your favorite
  4. Share the photo on your wall

August 1 we’ll randomly select a winner!




National Go Skateboarding Day is tomorrow, June 21. It’s only once in every 6 or 7 years that it falls on a Saturday, so make the most of it! Blow off your responsibilities, step away from your video games and Instagram feed and go skateboarding!

Here’s some info about SLC events:

We’re sponsoring the SK801 hill bomb starting up by the University of Utah.


Redbull teamed up with Torey Pudwill and artist CJ Rench to create a beautiful sculpture park designed for skaters to interact with the public. Tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. Pudwill and the Red Bull Skate Team will be at All Together Skatepark partying. Tomorrow they’ll unveil the Skate Space with a party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Visit Redbull’s site for other events worldwide.


Slug Magazine is hosting its 15th annual Summer of Death skate series is taking its first contest of the summer to Crossroads Skate Park in Ogden. Registration starts at 1 p.m. and competition starts at 2 p.m. Join the Facebook event here.


Cowtown Skateboards in Tempe (a GoldCoast retailer), AZ will be giving away a bunch of product tomorrow night at their 6 p.m. party at Verde Park in Phoenix.

Daddie’s Skateboards (another GoldCoast retailer) is hosting a party tomorrow night in Portland, OR in Colonel Summers Park at 5 p.m.


Visit Transworld Skateboarding for info on events in Venice Beach, San Diego, Denver, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, and New York.