Well, this video is a little off topic but gets us excited. Normally we wouldn’t promote anything from the fast food industry but this got us thinking about global unity and how pumped we are for the World Series and how proud we are of our new Goal! Series. Everyones on the same page and that stokes us.




Photographer Julian Martin swears there’s one of our Beacon cruisers in this photo, but I’ve been looking for 8 hours and haven’t seen it yet.

if you get a second, check out more of Julian’s work HERE.




The GOAL! Series of longboards was inspired by the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The World Cup is touted as bringing the world together every 4 years, however, skateboards and skateboarding brings people together every single day. With that unifying power in mind, we created the GOAL! Series to represent the countries in which GoldCoast can be found around the world. The 40″, 7 ply maple, longboard decks have a micro veneer of rich walnut on the bottom to give the boards a super luxurious look. The “W” concave used on the decks give your foot a comfortable pocket, and better leverage for your turns. The Century 177mm Reverse Pivot Trucks, are carvy and responsive, for epic cruising. The Shred Boots 70mm Wheels are center set, and shaped for all all around riding, carving, and sliding. Great for beginners or Pelé level experts, the GOAL! Series is pushing global skateboarding forward! Which country are you going to represent?

GC14_GoalSeries_1 GC14_Goal_US_Hero