Good friend and talented musician Joel West just sent me this little  mini-documentary charting the recording sessions of The Tree Ring’s second album “Brushbloom”. The record is a collaboration with Camarada, a San Diego chamber ensemble, and was tracked as a mostly-live recording featuring nine different musicians.

Album available at

If you haven’t heard of them before you should check them out. Really great stuff



GoldCoast, A Ply Design.

We look at plywood a lot. It’s a primary ingredient of our products, as well as a brilliantly designed material. Two directions of veneers are pressed together to create something that is stronger than if they were all going one way. That idea permeates our whole mentality. The things we make combine the clean and considered elements of modern design with the emotional expression of art and photography. At it’s heart, skateboarding is the same way; technical yet improvisational and when done properly, looks effortless.Welcome to the new Collection from GoldCoast
We are really proud of our new collection so go click around the store and check out some new models.



This is an amazing series about Subcultures, a must watch for sure. This one focus’s on the “Teddy Boys” to the “Punks”. All Ideas come from somewhere.


An amazing little animation by Artist Philipp Artus. A great little visual exercise to blow your mind

“I grew up in Bremen, Northern Germany, which is quite close to the sea, yet surfing is rather difficult as we don’t get good swell there. So as a kid, I did a lot of skateboarding on miniramps – which is sort of what the snail is doing in the film. For my art studies, I was looking for a place close to the Atlantic coast – so I moved to Nantes in France, which has some awesome waves about an hour away.”

“I think a fascinating thing about surfing is that you never really know what’s going to happen next and you always have to react to the wave spontaneously. Animating “Snail Trail” was a similar experience, as I had this character reacting to the line – and really, when I started to animate I had no idea where it was going – so it was a very intuitive process. The animation is also a lot about the feeling you get with free flowing motion, and the laser light gives it a natural and energetic feeling, which is what I connect to being close to the sea.” -Philipp Artus


When Outrageous Was Possible from Petrolicious on Vimeo.

Who didn’t dream of this car when they were a little kid. So good. Such good style. This short little video got me really hyped to start sketching.



T.Rex :  Cadilac
The Velvet Underground : Rock & Roll
Yeasayer : Glass Of The Microscope
Dead Man’s Bones : Pa Pa Power
The Sea And Cake : On And On
the Drums : I Need A Doctor
Gloria Lynne : Tower Of Strength
Future Islands : The Fountain
Egyptian Hip Hop : Native
Phantogram : Don’t Move
Neon Indian : Deadbeat Summer
Gardens & Villa : Gypsy
Captain Beefhear & His Magic Band : Abba Zaba
The Peoples Temple : Keeper Of Souls
Ty Segall And White Fence : I Am Not A Game
Wu Lyf : Summas Bliss
Blood Orange : Forget It
Grizzly Bear : Yet Again
Teengirl Fantasy : Portofino
Jose Gonzalez : Heartbeats
Lead Belly : Where Did You Sleep Last Night



The deep dark waters and rolling hills of Jalama beach inspired Dustin Ortiz to create the artwork featured on base of the 27” shovel-shaped Salvo.  Located about an hour from the city of Santa Barbara, Jalama Beach is a unique place left untouched by civilization.

“The GoldCoast way of life is all about skateboarding and traveling, and the Salvo graphic tells the story of one of my favorite travel destinations – Jalama Beach,” said  Ortiz, GoldCoast Co-Founder and Art Director.“The seasonal storms, high winds and powerful surf give the place a mystical feel.”
Underneath the GoldCoast Salvo’s 5ply bamboo deck sits the hardware that gives it a fast and smooth ride.  This hardware includes 60mm Cherry Bombs wheels, Genuine GoldCoast ABEC 7 bearings and Century 129mm regular pivot trucks that offer turning that is both nimble and familiar to skateboarders of all backgrounds.