This is our 16-year-old compadre Rosbitt Gonzalez II.

Rosbitt 2

He lives in our Product Developer Brock Harris’ neighborhood. They met a couple of years ago when he wandered into Brock’s skateboard filled garage.

(Probably trying to mooch some off of him)

Roz spends his free time skating downhill freestyle with his crew. Since they’re obsessed with all things skateboarding and longboarding, we always give them our new products to test. Aka, Rosbitt and Development.

We’re in the works of creating some video features of Rosbitt & Crew testing our 2015 freeride longboards for those interested in pushing limits, and giving general skateboard and longboard buying advice for those new to the sport.

Check out their YouTube channel in the mean time for some amateur videos shot and edited by Rosbitt (these kids can really shred).




Day 1 of the Carnales Road Trip. We left Encinitas around 6am and headed out east, the end goal for the first day was Flagstaff, AZ. First stop was the Brawley Skatepark in California. Then from there we stopped at the dunes to test out some sample decks. We were gonna skate the Yuma park but figured we would hit it up on the way back home.


GoldCoast-KirbyGoldCoast_ Desert

GoldCoast Sand Dunes

Had a late lunch in Phoenix with some friends and said hello to the kind folks over at Cowtown.

GoldCoast Arizona GoldCoast

GoldCoast Camp Verde Skatepark



This year all eyes will be on Brazil as the world unites under a banner of camaraderie and celebration of a certain foot-centric “sport” to find a world champion.  With 15 countries featured in the Goal Collection, we show that skateboarding goes beyond individual countries and unites the world.

“All of us at GoldCoast feel that skateboarding unites people around the world every day.  When it comes down to it, we want the world to experience the joy and freedom of skateboarding, that’s our goal!”

With an estimated 715 million people tuning in, the World Cup is one of the greatest spectator events in the world. The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil from Thursday, June 12 to Sunday, July 13 with 32 countries participating from five confederations.

The GOAL! Series celebrates: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. All countries where a GoldCoast Skateboard can be found.



Every friday, we’ll be sending you into the weekend with some good vibes. A little Spotify playlist of songs we couldn’t get out of our heads that week. Follow the link below and get yourselves all hyped for a few days off.


The Slap Stick is no laughing matter, as a good cruiser board is a must have for any quiver, and this board takes it’s job very seriously. Cut from the same concave as many of the top pro model decks, The Slap Stick has pop for days, and an all new, progressive, cruiser shape that makes getting around as fun as getting off the ground. We finished the deck with a micro-veneer of exotic zebrawood or rich walnut, for a look that is so classy that it should come with a monocle. Century 129mm trucks are ideal for slappy grinds, and the new 58mm Burn Outs Wheels are the perfect combo of cushy comfort and slide-ability. Try not to trip over yourself getting your hands on this one, and check out our newest videos introducing The Slap Stick below:

Slap Happy – The Slap Stick Zebra

Ditch Work – The Slap Stick Walnut



We had a great little morning session with JP Walker. Our Product Director Brock Harris put his own work to the test with a boneless on The Conflict Camo.



There’s a snake in your boots! At 40″ long, this drop through shape is sure to slither you down hills leaving a venomous trail. With it’s Century 177mm Reverse Pivot Trucks, 70mm Shred Boot Wheels, and symmetrical engineering, there’s no chance of this snake eating its own tail.

Pick one up today HERE.