Chris sat down with an amateur Salt Lake City lifestyle website called Salt Roads created by some friends a couple of us at GoldCoast went to high school with. He told the cameras about our collaboration with Zuriick and our upcoming Carnales Cruiser skateboard, but also a little about GoldCoast overall.

He said an inspiration for the brand was how skateboarding is a great medium that brings a lot of cool stuff into your life outside of the sport itself.

“Whether it’s hearing a cool song or seeing a cool video, liking a board graphic and wanting to know more about that artist, or a destination trip you go on to skateboard, all these things can come from skateboarding,” he said.

Skateboarding naturally attracts creative people, and Chris said a lot of his cultural education came through it.

“We want to bring art, music, and design to kids that might not be exposed to that stuff. We use skateboarding to be approachable — not something that’s intimidating or aloof. We want kids to not be afraid to ask, ‘Who did the graphic for that?'”

Stay tuned for the full video, and we hope to see you at our launch party Aug. 8!



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