We’ve teased a photo here and there (if you’ve been paying attention) but a week from today we are officially launching our collab with our Compadres at Zuriick.  “Carnales” means, “Blood Brothers” and the accompanying film and photographs document our trip with these guys in to the badlands of the American Southwest.

Friend and artist Dan Christofferson created the Carnales graphic and found inspiration from the old Chinese proverb, “When hunting tigers, one needs help from a blood brother.”

“Basically, a reminder that when shit gets crazy, it’s nice to surround yourself with friends and family who care about the same stuff you do,” Dan said. His graphic will be on a 32.375″  featuring our 57mm Burnouts wheels colored the same signature purple as the soles of Zurrick’s casual shoes. The Carneles Walnut Cruiser skateboard will be available in September.

If you’re in Salt Lake City, you’re invited to come by the Zuriick flagship store and see the collection, have some drinks, and kick it with us.



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