Your skateboard should be a reflection of you, and you’re unique. You don’t want the board everyone else has — you want the board everyone WISHES they had! We put what we love about skating into our hodge podge Pier Camo Tail maple cruiser for the skater who wants a little bit of everything good.

A kicktail to get help you pivot and ollie as you roll around tight corners and over cracked sidewalks?

A short wheelbase for ultra maneuverability but enough pop to make getting off the ground as fun as getting around?
You bet.

Four different 57mm 90a Burnouts wheels for that extra dash of color and softness to take you from the park to work?
Why not?

Contrasting die cut grip tape so you can blend in and stand out all at once?
Yes please!

Bits of exposed wood so you can show in spite of all that flair, you’re really just a natural?
Oh yeah.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just need a bit of everything.


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