Half Dome
There are tons of incredible National Parks throughout the US, and I would highly recommend going to as many as possible. I’ve been trying to go to Yosemite once a year for a good portion of my life and every time I make the journey I’m never disappointed. This years trip was a little shorter than normal but even at 3 days it was enough to rejuvenate and to get inspired by natures beauty around us. I brought along with me The Process and a couple of sample cruiser shapes and rolling around Yosemite valley is one of the best things ever.

GoldCoast The Process



Skate Yosemite

Poler Socks

Poler Tent

Shasta Camper

Yosemite Valley

Introducing The Process: The Creative Journey Starts Here

Inspired by the creative journey – an idea conceived then put through production and editing until manifested in a tangible form – The Process drop through longboard’s graphic features multiple geometric shapes filtering down to a simplistic end.
Whatever maneuver you can imagine, The Process is the perfect board for you to push the limits of carving, sliding, and cruising. It’s also great for beginners because we understand that learning to skate, or improving, can be a process.

The Process


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