The Slap Stick is no laughing matter, as a good cruiser board is a must have for any quiver, and this board takes it’s job very seriously. Cut from the same concave as many of the top pro model decks, The Slap Stick has pop for days, and an all new, progressive, cruiser shape that makes getting around as fun as getting off the ground. We finished the deck with a micro-veneer of exotic zebrawood or rich walnut, for a look that is so classy that it should come with a monocle. Century 129mm trucks are ideal for slappy grinds, and the new 58mm Burn Outs Wheels are the perfect combo of cushy comfort and slide-ability. Try not to trip over yourself getting your hands on this one, and check out our newest videos introducing The Slap Stick below:

Slap Happy – The Slap Stick Zebra

Ditch Work – The Slap Stick Walnut


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