So many things to be excited about this week. First off we are unveiling our new Brand Identity this month, a collaborative project with Portland based design firm, Cinco Design. The project was started a year ago, as Design Director, Dustin Ortiz wanted to bring the identity more in line with the brand as it evolved. “The new identity is a more accurate reflection of GoldCoast’s brand pillars. Design is at the forefront of everything we do, so the new logo had to reflect that. It also has elements of a path that isn’t always a straight shot or clear. Travel and finding inspirations in your surroundings is another big part of GoldCoast’s ethos, we try to encourage people to be aware.” Matt Capozzi, Product Experience Director at Cinco, was excited to work with GoldCoast on the project, he and his team helped GoldCoast define the elements of their brand that they wanted to translate in to the new identity. “Our whole design studio is driven by the creativity skateboarding inspires. This project was a great collaboration with the GoldCoast team helping crystallize a brand and product line strategy that gives them the tools to define a unique and ownable design focused space in the market. The new identity reflects the creativity of finding your own line in the world that GoldCoast enables through every facet of their brand.”


In conjunction with the new branding, we are launching a campaign under our “Develop Your Eye” art project. Chris Brunstetter, GoldCoast’s Marketing director explains, ” ‘Develop Your Eye’ was a photography show we held a few years ago that was unique because of it’s limited parameters, we asked a group of photographers from different backgrounds to share their perspective over the course of one roll of film, and the exhibit was one night only. Now with the proliferation of Instagram, the project is morphing in to a global ongoing art show.”

We will be picking our favorite photos from the #developyoureye feed for spotlights on their website, social media outlets, and limited printed pieces.

“We are really excited to share our new look with the world, and can’t wait to see what they have to show us through the Develop Your Eye project.” Said Brunstetter, “We’re a social group of people, and we want to use the “Develop Your Eye” campaign to be the images of conversation GoldCoast has with our friends and fans.”


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