California Design x Utah Engineering

I’m so stoked to finally share this video with everyone. It’s a fun project that we worked on with the talented crew at Hidden Notice. We started this project to give  a little insight into the brand. We were really proud about half of the company is based in Utah and the other half in California. To us, both those places are truly amazing and inspirational places. Both rooted in skateboarding with a dash of snowboarding and surfing, really made all of us involved in the brand who we are today.

“Working with the crew at GoldCoast is a privilege and a no brainer for us.  They represent the entrepreneurial spirit of taking your passion and turning that into your career,” said Bill Keller, founder of Hidden Notice.  “They are authentic, honest, innovative and unique in their approach to this segment of the skate market.   GoldCoast is doing what they do for all the right reasons, and to be able to team up with them on this project was both fun, inspiring, and one more reason why we love what we get to do!”

Take a minute or two to watch it and let us know what you think.

Get out there and keep exploring!


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