The deep dark waters and rolling hills of Jalama beach inspired Dustin Ortiz to create the artwork featured on base of the 27” shovel-shaped Salvo.  Located about an hour from the city of Santa Barbara, Jalama Beach is a unique place left untouched by civilization.

“The GoldCoast way of life is all about skateboarding and traveling, and the Salvo graphic tells the story of one of my favorite travel destinations – Jalama Beach,” said  Ortiz, GoldCoast Co-Founder and Art Director.“The seasonal storms, high winds and powerful surf give the place a mystical feel.”
Underneath the GoldCoast Salvo’s 5ply bamboo deck sits the hardware that gives it a fast and smooth ride.  This hardware includes 60mm Cherry Bombs wheels, Genuine GoldCoast ABEC 7 bearings and Century 129mm regular pivot trucks that offer turning that is both nimble and familiar to skateboarders of all backgrounds.

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