The Process 5-ply bamboo drop through longboard with Wolfgang's collar, leash and harness line.

The Process 5-ply bamboo drop through longboard with Wolfgang’s collar, leash and harness line.

Using the graphic from our Process drop through longboard, our compadres at Wolfgang created a comfort and design driven collection of collars, leashes, and harnesses available in multiple sizes for your furry best friend (and key chains for you!). Together, we’ve brought graphic excellence to the age-old practice of being sled-dogged down the street on your skateboard by your number one compadre.

With this combination, you’ll be physically unstoppable and fashionably unassailable.

Wolfgang's ProcessPrint collar.

Wolfgang’s ProcessPrint collar.


Wolfgang's ProcessPrint dog harness.

Wolfgang’s ProcessPrint dog harness.


Beautiful dog not included ;)

Beautiful dog not included ;)

Like us, Wolfgang is driven by design and dedicated to creating beautiful products, and the eccentric design of the Process inspired the collaboration.


Wolfgang celebrates the unique relationship between a dog and his people. They offer American-made leashes and collars for your pup using only the finest American leathers and textiles, plus a distinctive collection of wallets, belts, t-shirts, and hoodies for you.



What if everyone disappeared off the streets, freeways and sidewalks so you could skate or longboard wherever you wanted? No cars. No people. No cops to ticket you or take your skateboard. No bicyclists riding on the damn sidewalk where you’re trying to longboard.

The Berrics and Red Digital Cinema, an American manufacturer of digital cinematography tools, teamed up to create scenes of lone skaters pushing through and popping tricks all over downtown L.A. in “Urban Isolation,” featuring skateboarders Jordan Taylor, Tom Karangelov, Tyler Surrey, Jordan Trahan, and Kai Gormsen. 12 of the most renowned skateboarding filmmakers were given a RED EPIC camera to showcase their skills, and this is Russell Houghten’s creation.

Where would you skate if your city were empty?


This is our Product Developer Brock’s work/play/tinker space.


This is where he bangs out the specs of all our  longboards, cruisers, and hardware. Throughout the day he can be heard drilling, pounding, and clanking around back here.

Oh, the artist’s mind. How can it function in such chaos?


This is our 16-year-old compadre Rosbitt Gonzalez II.

Rosbitt 2

He lives in our Product Developer Brock Harris’ neighborhood. They met a couple of years ago when he wandered into Brock’s skateboard filled garage.

(Probably trying to mooch some off of him)

Roz spends his free time skating downhill freestyle with his crew. Since they’re obsessed with all things skateboarding and longboarding, we always give them our new products to test. Aka, Rosbitt and Development.

We’re in the works of creating some video features of Rosbitt & Crew testing our 2015 freeride longboards for those interested in pushing limits, and giving general skateboard and longboard buying advice for those new to the sport.

Check out their YouTube channel in the mean time for some amateur videos shot and edited by Rosbitt (these kids can really shred).


Your skateboard should be a reflection of you, and you’re unique. You don’t want the board everyone else has — you want the board everyone WISHES they had! We put what we love about skating into our hodge podge Pier Camo Tail maple cruiser for the skater who wants a little bit of everything good.

A kicktail to get help you pivot and ollie as you roll around tight corners and over cracked sidewalks?

A short wheelbase for ultra maneuverability but enough pop to make getting off the ground as fun as getting around?
You bet.

Four different 57mm 90a Burnouts wheels for that extra dash of color and softness to take you from the park to work?
Why not?

Contrasting die cut grip tape so you can blend in and stand out all at once?
Yes please!

Bits of exposed wood so you can show in spite of all that flair, you’re really just a natural?
Oh yeah.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just need a bit of everything.


Some of our compadres down in Texas are having an epic art show at Two Bronze Doors.


Two Bronze Doors is pleased to announce the opening of The Artist Estate Sale on Saturday, July 19th from 6pm to 10pm. The Artist Estate Sale brings together some of Dallas’ most inspired young artists including Kyle Confehr, Emily Stoker, Brent Ozaeta, Favio Moreno of the Bodega Negra, Nevada Hill, Matt Brinker, Elisa Guardiola, Kiki Ishihara, Luke Sanchez, Alison Aldridge, Betty Rodriguez, David Motter, Darcy Neal, and Gavin Newman, in a reinterpretation of the estate sale. The happening, which will be a cash and carry show with all works priced to sell, is meant to redefine the utilitarian concept of the estate sale as well as encourage engaged and participatory community through art and commerce. The simple objects of our life that we live with and often overlook will be recast with this Dallas collective’s inspired and unique styles and made accessible and affordable for all. The Artist Estate Sale will include textiles, small furniture, paintings, sculpture and artist books. 



The first time I saw Sergio skate in real life was back in 2009 I think. At Slidefest in San Diego if I remember correctly. The guy skates so fast and with so much control and style it’s really amazing to see in real life. This is a rad little video about him. A good watch if you have a little extra time.